Geo Stars Library  0.9.3
Geodetic and Astrometry library
GEO_ELLIPSOID Struct Reference

#include <geoStars.h>

Collaboration diagram for GEO_ELLIPSOID:
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Data Fields

char name [82]
char id [4]
double a
double f1

Detailed Description

This defines an earth ellipsoid with the least amount of information. Additional information will be computed from these values

Definition at line 685 of file geoStars.h.

Field Documentation


Major Earth axis in meters

Definition at line 689 of file geoStars.h.

Referenced by geoGetEllipsoid(), and geomg1().

double GEO_ELLIPSOID::f1

Inverse flattening value

Definition at line 690 of file geoStars.h.

char GEO_ELLIPSOID::id[4]

ID designation of the ellipsoid

Definition at line 688 of file geoStars.h.

char GEO_ELLIPSOID::name[82]

Name/title of ellipsoid

Definition at line 687 of file geoStars.h.

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